There’s a ‘Jack and Rose’ cocktail to celebrate Titanic film’s anniversary

Titanic Hotel Belfast is serving a taste of nostalgia to mark the 20th anniversary of the classic, ‘Titanic’ with its exclusive 'Jack and Rose' cocktail

Titanic Hotel Belfast, the luxury hotel which opened in Titanic Quarter in September, is serving a taste of nostalgia to mark the 20th anniversary of the classic, ‘Titanic’.

The 1997 blockbuster, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio as class-crossed lovers, Rose and Jack, turns 20 today and the mixologists at Titanic Hotel’s Harland Bar have created a bespoke cocktail to commemorate the love story we all fell in love with on the ‘ship of dreams’.

The ‘Jack and Rose’, with “Rose served on the side to keep her out of the water” was created by Donal Conlon, and is made up of Jack Daniels Honey, banana liquor, honey, lemon juice, sugar syrup and rose liquor. Of course, the rose liquor is served on the side, but not quite on a wooden door…

James O’Donnell, Bar Manager at Titanic Hotel Belfast commented; “As the most authentic Titanic themed hotel in the world, we know this film carries a lot of nostalgia and sentiment, so we had to complement our friends at Titanic Belfast, who are also marking the anniversary, and create our own tribute to Jack and Rose.

“The cocktail serves up a refreshing, exciting taste of citrus and honey, which is also incredibly smooth – just like Jack Dawson. Rose is served on the side, to keep her out of the water of course, and it is a sweet chaser, but full of strength and quality, just like Rose Dewitt Bukater.”

The Jack and Rose is being served now at the hotel’s Harland Bar, its exclusive and luxurious cocktail bar which sits alongside Drawing Office Two, and The Wolff Grill.

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